Starting from the stakeholders (Learning Technologies in Healthcare Education day 1)

A fascinating first day on the module thinking about stakeholders and our ‘technology stories’

Generally I’m a practical learner and want to get into the nitty gritty of designing and building activities so it was refreshing to take a step back and think about things from the aspects of drivers and context. A common point emerging from both these sessions was not to make assumptions either about the stakeholders as well as learners. Just looking at the three different technology stories highlighted a range of different preferences and uses of technology. Although I’d not thought that everyone would be ‘the same’ I hadn’t really thought through the potential nuances of how people use phones, laptops, desktops and papers and want for: ranging from those capturing everything on a phone and not having a desktop to others who wouldn’t be separated from their pen and paper. (I’m somewhere in between.) This raises a few questions…

  • How do our technology stories compare to those of our learners?
  • To what extent do we need to bring these together?
  • What pressures does this place on you as a teacher?
  • What does it mean for your students?

I love the concept Amber introduced of ‘history of the future’ and thinking about what you would be reporting once the project/activity had been successful:

  • What happened at each stage?
  • How did you meet the needs of different learners?
  • What strategies were successful in promoting it?

The other things I picked up throughout the day were different technologies I want to explore (some for work, some for home, some just because I’m curious).


About Emma L King

Learning & Development Adviser @ University of Warwick (and an avid baker)
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2 Responses to Starting from the stakeholders (Learning Technologies in Healthcare Education day 1)

  1. I am also working on apps for the students and I to use to promote deep learning. i am writing up a Wikipedia page writing. I find your choice of apps fascinating and am going to try them out.

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